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Our wellness area is equipped with Finnish sauna, Turkish steam bath, infrared sauna,  sunlamps, relaxing room and fitness room and ready for you every day after an active day of your holidays.

Finnish Sauna

Sauna sessions at about 85° degrees with infusions, which are enriched with wonderful flavors.

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Turkish steambath

the moderate variant of sauna at 40 ° Cesius and a humidity of 95% enriched with some Eucalyptus.The sweating, also suitable for less experienced sauna users and is also very healthy for bronchi, lungs and respiratory system.


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Infrared sauna / sun lamps

Comfortable low heat, ideal for back tension and to build up your immune system.
Light therapy under the sun lamps with additional infrared radiators and you forget that it's already dark outside for hours


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Relaxing room

Enjoyable meditation music while reading a book or take a short nap after the sauna sessions, in that way an active day in your holidays should end.


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Wellness in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Bad Kleinkirchheim has 2 baths with plenty of water and spa services  for the little ones as well as connoisseurs.



Thermal Römerbad   Kathrein Therme    

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The offer in the house:

Sauna, steam room, sun canopy, physio infrared sauna, relaxation room, therapeutic massage and sports massage, gym,


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Angerbichlweg 9
9546 Bad Kleinkirchheim, Österreich
 +43 4240 8690
 +43  664 1315151
Fax: +43 4240 8690 70
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